Non nobis solum - not merely for ourselves
Name:  Courtney Roots

Chantry Lodge are not the first to recognise the devoted service of W Bro Leslie James Savill PPGReg, by electing him as their first Honorary Member at their February 2016 meeting. 
The WW2 Royal Marine veteran has not only received recognition for his services from his own country but was presented with the Ushakov Medal (given to veterans of the Artic Convoys) and a 70th Anniversary Medal to commemorative Victory 1941-1945 at the Russian Embassy in London in 2015. In April 2016 he received France’s highest military honour, the Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur Medal, awarded by the French Government to British forces veterans for helping to liberate France from the Nazis during the Second World War

Because I have chosen to take part in the ceremonial side of Freemasonry, I have had to learn certain aspects of the ceremony, commit words and actions to memory and then perform them in front of an audience. This has challenged me to be disciplined in order to successfully learn and memorise things, and more significantly, it has helped me overcome some difficulties I had with public speaking, which I have been able to carry over to other parts of my life outside of masonry.  

I had been curious about freemasonry for a few years, but because I didn’t know any masons, I didn’t know who to ask about it and wasn’t sure what aspects I’d read about on the internet were true. Eventually after finding the website of the Province of East Kent, I was able to read positive stories about masonry and I realised it was something I would like to be part of. So I made an enquiry via the website and was put in touch with a Lodge in my home town.

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