non Nobis solum  - Not merely for ourselves

Bro's Courtney Roots and Alan Denne with Bro. John McCully and visiting Bro. David Jordon, on the evening of the presentation of Bro. John's 50-year certificate, November 2021

Initiate Bro. Liam Foster, with Worshipful Master Jim Birtchnell and other brethren November 2016

Installation of W.Bro Courtney Roots, October 2018

Initiation of Bro. Daniel Foster

the Chantry lodge

No. 6454

Initiation of Bro. Mark Clymer 

The initiation of Bro. Courtney Roots, November 2011

W.Bro Derek Fairbrother, installed as Master of Chantry Lodge, October 2000

W.Bro John Mitchell receiving 60 year certificate, January 2017

W.Bro Ron Freer and other members of Chantry Lodge

Initiation of Bro. Seth Tatler, November 2019

W.Bro Tony Stedman receiving 50 year certificate, February 2015

Initiation of Bro. John Roots, January 2019